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Daniels can ship everything from letters to stereos to snowboards, from Ming vases to Monets.

You name it, we can ship it. Bring in your ready-to-ship package and we'll process and label your shipment immediately. See us about boxing, packing, and shipping your unpackaged items as well. Our staff knows how to protect your valuables so you can be sure that whatever you send will be safe in transit. We can take the whole transaction out of your hands, or if you'd prefer we supply a full range of packaging materials for you to pack items yourself.


All your packages are shipped via UPS which is available in all 50 states and to most countries outside of the United States. Choose from ground, overnight, or two-day services. Insurance of $100 in value is included for each package and additional insurance is available for any package valued more than that. For extra reassurance, you can keep an eye on your package once it has left our premises. The UPS tracking feature allows you to track online to follow its progress to its destination.

Our Customer Service Consultants are just a phone call away. You can always speak with a live person who can answer your questions, provide information, give you quotes, and more. if you call (708) 687-3055, you will be directly connected to our Customer Service Department. Or you can always fax (708) 687-9035 or email us at as well. 

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